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Victory Home Care will set-up all the care services you need and will coordinate the multi-disciplinary team to address such needs.

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The process of setting up our Home Care Services is very easy and simple:

1) Initial In-Home Evaluation
When you call our office, our Care Specialist will identify your specific needs and set up a initial personalized in-home evaluation with the Registered Nurse. We will discuss your options and work together to form a set of goals and expectation for you and your loved one.

2) Caregiver Selection
Next, we carefully review your needs, experiences, and interests. Our Care Coordinators will work diligently to determine the individual preferences of each client and the level of care you need . This then leads to the initial Client Evaluation which identifies and assigns a caregiver that matches your specifications.

3) On-going Communication
We feel that it is important to keep good communication with our clients. We specialize in being familiar with you and your needs and we STRIVE TO PROVIDE THE BEST CARE FOR YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE. We perform quality-service visits and courtesy check-in calls when loved ones are out-of-town.

The Care Coordinator will also be your ongoing consistent point of contact for all your scheduling, staffing and support needs. The Care Coordinator will also contact you and schedule Home Visit regularly to ensure complete satisfaction, and review plan of care.

The caregivers are continuously evaluated to ensure quality care is provided. The clients’ feedback regarding the caregiver’s performance is also very crucial in maintaining our goal of engaging caregivers of high integrity and excellent performance.


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