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In summer our beloved seniors are excited to go out and enjoy on the beach, taking advantage of the warm temperatures. There are multiple benefits: like the people who study or work, seniors need to enjoy a few days away from their usual routine to walk, relax and share with their family or friends, in a different context. One of the experienced personal care team at Home Care in Baltimore, Maryland offers some tips to make your trip with seniors a pleasant experience.

A therapist says that traveling is very healthy for our seniors because it allows them access and exchange, in different physical, social and cultural contexts, also allowing sharing with families and maintaining spaces of socialization, which influences positively in the cognitive and psychomotor components. With our Personal Care Services in Maryland, we give 7 tips for keeping seniors safe on the beach.

1. Before Travelling

Before choosing a destination like a beach, find out about the beaches places you want to visit, paying attention to the altitude, climate, health hazards and medical services available. It is better to avoid beaches that are suffering from infectious outbreaks.

2. Dress Comfortably

At the beach, we all follow a swimsuit code. However, not all our seniors are comfortable wearing a swimsuit which is too tight for them. The idea is to travel with comfortable clothes, such as jogging pants or trousers with a tank or baggy top. For accessories: do not skip the sunglasses and, of course, the sunscreen. One idea is to tie a sweater around your waist or carry it in your carry-on bag in case you feel cold in the water.

3. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For A Wheelchair

Arriving at the beach, walking, strolling and standing is what we are aware of since it’s a recreation for us all. But, seniors deserve the request for a wheelchair. Thus, it would be more bearable to stretch the day longer and return back unexhausted.

4. Remedies And Health Information Always At Hand

The idea is to always carry the medication in your handbags and not leave back home. Medicines for seniors are vital, which if not taken on time can have serious consequences. In addition, in emergencies, it is very helpful to have information from the doctor, medical prescriptions and a list of any serious medical condition. This will allow you to give the proper care in case you need it.

5. Use Some Type Of Identification

It can occur, especially in older people who suffer from dementia and/or other diseases that affect memory that is lost or disoriented. Therefore it is recommended to include in the clothing and/or accessories of the older person, some identification that includes name, RUT and contact number. It is very easy to drop something or lose it with all the hustle and bustle.

6. Bring Your Own Snacks

Many older adults may have health problems that involve special meals. Diabetics or those who suffer from low blood sugar should bring meals in small, healthy portions. The whole process can be long and exhausting; not to mention that there is not always healthy food at the beach and that it is often a snack – not always healthy.

7. Take Care Of The Skin

Because of the fragility of their skin, the older adult should apply sunscreen higher than factor 20 in areas exposed to harsh rays of the sun at the beach. Also, you should wear sunglasses and a hat that adequately covers the scalp. It is also recommended to bring creams or moisturizing lotions to the skin.

Quick Tips:

It is ideal is to always carry liquid, preferably water, to be hydrated, since the body of the elderly does not notice dehydration in time. Finally, short baths in the sea, pools or rivers are recommended. This is because older adults tend to hypothermia.


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