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Let’s get back to the fundamentals for a while because these principles are accountable for carrying your skilled nursing facility to the top of the list. Here are the top five census development steps that are so important that usually, they tend to be disregarded in day to day operations.


Anybody that has ever done a job in marketing and/or sales can tell you that first impression is everything. In skilled nursing facilities in Maryland, it’s not any different. From the way a facility externally looks to the parking lot, the neighborhood in which the nursing facility is located, the smell, the individual or receptionist that was the first to say hello- it’s all key to whether or not someone chooses to move ahead with the admission process in your skilled nursing facility in Maryland.


Skilled nursing marketing and admissions, contrary to what some renowned companies may say, takes place on the inside. While it’s always better to have a link to attend senior living meetings, Chamber events, and trade shows, it should never be the responsibility of the Admissions Director.

The Director of Admissions should be prepared, on the inside, for what requires attention such as visits and most importantly answering to the admissions emails, phone calls, and fax machine for incoming appointments.

If a phone call isn’t answered or fax or email isn’t responded to, the interested family and/or case manager from the neighborhood hospital will rapidly call another nursing facility to talk with someone who will provide those particular services.

You might find yourself with a walk-in visit when a case manager leaves an email or a voicemail on your admissions line. But in case the Director of Admissions is present in the nursing facility, the call will be answered much faster than if they were assigned with the duty of delivering cookies to the senior center nearby.


While doing admissions for my first nursing facility, appointments were rapid fire most of the days. It wasn’t rare to have 4-5 admissions per day.  But for the nurses, this implied an additional workload and more responsibility. 

I usually had to make excitement around the challenges that improved census brought to our nursing staffs.  Much more opportunity to provide proper healthcare and more job security is essential to nursing staff; however, I identified that there was a requirement to develop some exciting factors around the increasing census.


Like mentioned above, Admissions taking the part of primarily being an internal position is vital to a healthy census. Customer service and marketing at best nursing homes in Frederic MD are key not only with families that need details on the nursing or therapy program but similarly with those individuals offering potential referrals.

Usually, individuals are distressed for a way to send their parents home with in-home therapy instead of sending them to a “nursing facility” for skilled therapy. It’s your responsibility to give the potential referral sources matchless and valid reasons to send consistent referrals to your nursing facility-preferably as the provider of choice for them.


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